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[Theorycraft] Un'Goro Quest Mage OTK : CompetitiveHS Except you can still top deck it from a losing position, I don't care how technically if you run out all your deck you are guaranteed to pull the combo, I'm worried that it isn't fast enough to win over more conventional strategies that mage can pull off. My other worry is that the deck won't survive no matter how much draw you give it.

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BestMarmotte vous présente le deck mage casino de Jab que ce dernier a joué à la Qualif Na de la Blizzcon ! Retrouvez toute l'actualité sur HearthStone ...Hearthstone TGT Casino Mage Deck / Hearthstone TGT Tempo Mage Deck: constructed gameplay of JAB's decklist on the road to legend... [SC2W] Mage Casino - Decks - Hearthstone-Decks.com [SC2W] Mage Casino. Résumé : Un deck inspiré de celui de Gnimsh, lui même inspiré de celui de Jab.Deck basé sur du early game quasi-identique au tempo mage et du late game combo burst avec beaucoup de boules de feu si tout se passe bien.

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Mage Hearthstone Deck by PostAcid. casino mage. by PostAcid on 2015/10/14 (Patch S19 ( Hotform) Mage tempo. 90%, iSupermad, Wild. Tempo Mage TGT Deck Guide. Salutations!

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